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  • cmp冠军国际|官方网站
  • cmp冠军国际|官方网站


  • cmp冠军国际|官方网站
  • Product description: cmp冠军国际|官方网站
  • The company's newly introduced electroplated wine bottle products lead the domestic trend. We can produce various glass roast vases, color imitation porcelain bottles, sand Glass bottles, various glassy glass bottles, glassy glass bottles, double colored glass bottles, polychromatic glass bottles, cracked glass bottles, ring glass bottles, jade glass bottles, and cloud glass bottles. A series of high and middle grade products such as broken porcelain glass bottle, flashing glass bottle, gold glass bottle, ancient metal glass bottle, robe glass bottle and so on, and electroplated wine, silk screen printing bottle and so on. The company has more than 2800 kinds of 100ML-1000ML bottles, white wine bottles, foreign wine bottles, yellow wine bottles, health bottles and so on.


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